Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Goodbye to the 50's for now!

Last of the posts about the 50's teapot skirt! I was sent a photo of the lady at the roller disco hen party in her full outfit and makeup that she was more then happy for me to share, so here it is! I an really proud of how it turned out (and how much she loved it!)

Anyone out there looking for someone to design or make a 50's skirt or anything at all, just let me know!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Back to the 50's!

So yesterday I met with the lady I had made the skirt for (last post, making a 1950's style skirt from fabric chosen by the woman I made it for, for a 1950's hen party roller disco!) and handed it  over. It fit! The biggest hurdle, it fit her beautifully and she loved it, and better yet she immediately went and put it on and posed for some 50's style photo's for me at the bandstand nearby!

Fingers crossed I will also be being sent a photo of her in full 1950's attire at the roller disco, skates and all! Always nice to have a happy customer.