Monday, 30 September 2019

Santa is Coming to Town!

This has been a fascinating commission, especially as it has come so early in the year, but I have been commissioned by the Cliffhanger Café to costume their Santa. I have been given a request as to the main material for the coat - burgundy velvet - a budget, and that it be more of a traditional northern European look rather then an Americanised version.

After drawing up some designs and getting the selected design from the Cliffhanger I had a meeting to discuss materials and details and it was full steam ahead. I got the measurements for Santa and after a couple of fitting sessions and finally finding a way to deal with fake fur (though not without my house looking like it had snowed) it has now been delivered!

The coat is burgundy velvet, interfaced and lined with anti-static lining, trimmed in faux fur and decorated with gold trimming, the same for the hat. The trousers
 are the same velvet as the coat and hat. The waistcoat is deep red faux silk dupion, edged in gold bias binding, with embroidered holly leaf embellishments, gold buttons with hand stitched button holes in the same green as the holly leaves, and lined with the same antistatic lining as the coat.

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